4. Why build the KIZMET Centre in Sainte-Geneviève?

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  • The site is conveniently located next to a bus line making it accessible to all West Island families:
    • 25 minutes from Fairview bus terminal; 45 minutes from Dorval bus terminal.
  • CLSC Pierrefonds has a greater number of vulnerable families on its territory than any other CLSC on the Island of Montreal.
  • The KIZMET Centre is adjacent to Pierrefonds Central/West and Dollard North, where demographics show that its residents are:
    • Over 50% families with young children at home
    • 40% single parent families
    • 15% families that earn less than $15K per year
    • 40% families that earn less than $30K per year
    • 35% children living under the poverty line
    • 30% immigrant families
    • In 2015, it is estimated that 800 babies will be born in this area.