The KIZMET Centre Team

The KIZMET Centre will be owned and operated by WIAIH. A coordinator will be responsible for its operational activities and will report directly to the WIAIH Executive Director and Board of Directors. The Advisory Committee for the KIZMET Centre consists of the WIAIH Executive Committee.

Lyne Charlebois

Lyne Charlebois is the Executive Director of WIAIH. Lyne has an extensive knowledge of services to families and children. She holds a BA in Music and has many years of experience running regular and adapted preschools.

Natalie Chapman

Natalie Chapman was the Executive Director of WIAIH from 1996-2017. Natalie is active in the community as an advocate and leader in the milieu. Natalie is a firm believer in the importance of family-centred interventions and has overseen that philosophy in all the services that are provided by WIAIH.

Pierre Fregeau

Pierre Frégeau is a 25 year member of WIAIH, the current President of the WIAIH Board of Directors, an attorney specializing in family law, and is involved in several other groups that provide services to people with intellectual handicaps.

Diane Gibb

Diane Gibb is a private marketing executive and owner of Marketing à la Carte. Diane has extensive corporate and non-profit marketing experience, community activist and ex-Borough Councillor for Ile-Bizard/Ste-Geneviève.

Liam Chapman

Liam Chapman is the Media & IT Coordinator at WIAIH. After conducting focus groups and working with the rest of the marketing team he created the Centre’s name, logo and aesthetic branding while developing and producing all the printed, electronic and online marketing materials for the project.

Jeremy Hampson

Jeremy Hampson is a registered financial planner, Vice-President of the WIAIH Board and a member of the WIAIH Finance committee. Jeremy has extensive financial and investment knowledge.

JP Lacroix

Jean-Pierre Lacroix is a Board member from the community at-large. Jean-Pierre is a retired pilot who has volunteered at WIAIH for 4 years and oversees maintenance and troubleshoots problems in the 3 buildings currently owned by WIAIH.

Philippe Voisard

Architect by profession for over 40 years, he has taught architecture for 18 years. Very involved in his community, Mr. Voisard is President of the Société d’histoire et patrimoine de l’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève. Mr. Voisard has done the architectural design for the KIZMET Centre.

Cherry Marshall

Cherry Marshall has worked since 2013 with Trans Canada trails as Senior Development Agent. She is a professional fund-raiser with a passion for creating solid links between donors and the organizations that they support. Cherry has worked at WIAIH in several capacities and is now very involved it its cause as a volunteer.