Planned Services

Planned Services

Parents and kids together will have fun playing games that stretch the child’s abilities and help him or her reach developmental milestones.

Educators model techniques while parents observe and learn how to best engage their children.

Free, creative play with peers is a necessary way for children to develop social skills and test out new learning.

Combating family isolation is an important goal so KIZMET will offer opportunities to build supportive networks among families.

From the earliest possible moment in a child’s existence, parents must have the information and supportive network that they need.

Those with intellectual handicaps or autism will use the KIZMET Centre evenings or weekends to augment the programs already on offer.

Community or collective kitchens by food security/settlement groups, Literacy programs for newcomers by immigrant organizations, Health screening and well-family clinics offered by our CLSC partners, etc.

There is a lack of meeting space in the area surrounding KIZMET, so space at KIZMET will be very useful to local community groups.