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Canada's rank among nations, in terms of public investment in early childhood
Based on recent statistics, percentage of canadian children living with a mental disorder
In billions, the lifetime economic cost of childhood mental health disorders in Canada
Percent of adult mental health issues that can be traced back to the first six years of life

Planned Services at the KIZMET Centre

Recreational & social activities

Meet with other parents of young children; share questions, concerns and ideas about being a parent; discuss real-life parenting situations; discover positive ways of parenting. Bring your new baby and enjoy exchanging ideas with other new moms & dads. Come share the joys and address the challenges of parenting together with other parents in the neighborhood.

Specialized library

A collection of informative books, magazines and videos relating to parenting and childcare will be available in a lending library.

Parent info sessions

There are no perfect parents, or perfect children or perfect people. We can only do our best, and we all need help once in a while. Some possible topics to cover: self-esteem, developmental stages, self-care, bonding, non-violent discipline methods, tantrums, and more.


We will build the $1.7 M KIZMET Centre to provide the space needed to help families in a disadvantaged area of the West Island give their young children the healthy start that is needed to improve their long term well-being.
The KIZMET Centre will be an extension of WIAIH’s existing preschool; a property owned and managed by WIAIH. There will be 7,000 square feet of space which includes a playroom, outdoor playground, classrooms, multi-purpose areas, a family space, and a kitchen for a variety of community services. The KIZMET Centre will also accommodate WIAIH’s growing needs. WIAIH has a strong background of building a network of resources: the John F. Kennedy School, Valois residence, its Head Office and the Pat Roberts Centre. We have done it in the past and we can do it again! Our history shows that when we work together, we are strong and together we can build KIZMET!
Needed urgently are programs that strengthen early literacy, positive parenting, social/emotional development, prenatal/postnatal support, mental health, relationship building, community cohesion and more.
The KIZMET Centre is a much-needed asset in a service-starved area.


While the West Island of Montreal is usually viewed as affluent, Ste-Geneviève and its surrounding areas are known locally as a “pocket of poverty.” One child in four lives under the poverty line there, far higher than the national rate of one in seven. Also, Ste-Geneviève is filled with families. In fact, there is a higher percentage of families with children in Ste-Geneviève, 67%, than elsewhere in Montreal. 34% of families in this borough are headed by a single parent. A multiplicity of risk factors, such as poverty, maternal depression, childhood stress, lack of social support increases the likelihood of negative outcomes such as emotional or behavioural disorders.


by wp_admin / April 19, 2017

Six West Island McDonald’s Choose KIZMET Centre for McHappy Day

Frédéric and Gail Cassir, owners of six McDonald’s restaurants in the West Island and Saint-Laurent, have announced that the proceeds from the annual McHappy Day fundraiser, set for Wednesday May 3rd, will be given to help build the KIZMET Centre. The ambitious project is a new young child-parent centre planned for a disadvantaged area in Sainte-Geneviève.

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by wp_admin / February 15, 2017

Becket Players hit high notes for KIZMET

POINTE-CLAIRE, February 15, 2017 – At the end of 2017, the KIZMET Young Child & Parent Centre will open in Sainte-Geneviève as an important family resource centre for all West Island families. It will support young families and be a hub for the community. WIAIH, the organization raising the necessary $1.7M for the construction of this centre, is proud to announce that the Becket Players, supporters of KIZMET since the very beginning, have jumpstarted 2017 donations by making an extra $15,000 donation.

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by wp_admin / January 31, 2017

KW Realty is keen on KIZMET Centre

POINTE-CLAIRE, January 31, 2017 – At the end of 2017, the KIZMET Young Child & Parent Centre will open in Sainte-Geneviève as an important family resource centre for West Islanders. It will support young families and be a hub for the community. KW Realty: Dynamik, Prestige and Performance (soon to launch) agencies have taken up the challenge and have committed to helping us make KIZMET a reality.

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It is critical that our children be supported in families, and families don’t operate in isolation, but need the support of strong neighbourhoods. Communities therefore need to provide a range of support systems, so that all children have an equal chance of success.

Linda L. Nosbush Community Research Coordinator, National Understanding the Early Years Initiative

Family support programs and centres provide for experiences that families can have together. Parents are drawn to those things that include their children as well. Experience has taught us that parents are more likely to get involved and continue to stay involved when programs include their children. When centres promote parenting, it makes sense that the children be a part of the learning experience as well.

Deborah A. Sullivan FRP Canada

When a series of events and happenings in your life just fall into place in such a perfect way that the outcome is unequivocally your beautiful destiny and all is right in the world.

Centre KIZMET A Young Child - Parent Centre for the West Island of Montreal

The next round of intervention efforts should take an ecological approach seriously, investigating how to change the child-rearing context for the families, rather than focusing primarily on changing the child.

Dale Farran, Ph.D. Professor, Specialty in Poverty and Intervention; Professor, Dept. of Psychology & Human Development; Antonio and Anita Gotto Chair, Dept. of Teaching & Learning; Interim Director, Peabody Research Institute (Vanderbilt)

Neurobiology tells us that the later we wait to invest in children who are at greatest risk, the more difficult the achievement of optimal outcomes is likely to be, particularly for those who experience the early biological disruptions of toxic stress.

Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D. The Julius B. Richmond FAMRI Professor of Child Health and Development at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard Graduate School of Education; Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital; and Founding Director of the university-wide Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.


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Help build KIZMET with your donation

Nothing will have a greater impact on the positive development of our society than meaningful investment in our littlest children and in those who take care of them.
Your support will not only help to pay for the cost of construction, it will also showcase your dedication to families and show others the power of community engagement.
By working together, we can create brighter futures for children in our community as we raise the next generation of West Island leaders.

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111 Donegani, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1Z5 (WIAIH's head office)


Founded in 1958 by concerned parents, WIAIH is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that strives to increase opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism strengthen their families and sensitize the community. Today, WIAIH is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the West Island of Montreal. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and employing 18 full-time and over 50 part time staff, WIAIH is a registered charitable organization serving persons with intellectual handicaps or autism and their families for 56 years. WIAIH owns and manages three buildings: one in in Ste-Geneviève which houses the Pat Roberts Developmental Centre, and two in Pointe-Claire: one being a residence for 9 people with developmental disabilities and the other, WIAIH’s Head Office.