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by wp_admin / June 19, 2015

Official Unveiling of Site for New KIZMET Centre for Parents and Young Children in the West Island

L'ÎLE-BIZARD-SAINTE-GENEVIÈVE, June 19 2015 - The future site of the KIZMET Centre, a young child and parent centre, was dedicated at a barbecue that took place on Friday June 19. The occasion was also used to recognize donors who have contributed to the construction of the Centre. Many community leaders were...

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by wp_admin / January 4, 2015

Preparing for kindergarten

It’s that time of the year again! The sun is brighter and hotter, the snow has melted, the birds came back…it’s spring! Spring comes with a sense of renewal, and it’s that time when some of us will enter a grade school for the first time to register our preschooler....

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by wp_admin / January 3, 2015

Let’s go to school together

It is already halfway through the school year, the children have met their teachers and classmates. They’ve gotten used to their classroom routines, school rules, and are now into learning mode. The children are ready for the rest of the year, but are you? Parents have a huge active role...

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by wp_admin / January 2, 2015

Heart Prints

Whether it’s a plus sign, a pink line or two, it is the first print that tiny person will make on your heart. You’re pregnant, you’re expecting, you’re with child, you have a bun in the oven: however you want to say it, in 9 months, a human body will...

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by wp_admin / January 1, 2015

Hello Dear Readers

Hello dear readers, I’m Everard Jean-Baptiste, a single mom of a special needs 4 year old boy, a grade school English teacher, and now, a blogger for the Kizmet Centre! A blog about you and I, our children, and themes related to the Kizmet Centre’s mission; creating the village it...

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